Local Global with small businesses for local development

Local Global was established in February 2001 as a natural evolution by founding partner, Andrea Manuelli, of his individual research and consulting business.

Founded as a company specializing in applied research in the socioeconomic field, Local Global has, over the years, diversified its services to include an integrated set of consulting, technical assistance and planning services, activities aimed primarily at local governments, agencies and associations.

Local Global’s most stable clients include Cesvot, Regione Toscana, Irpet, CNA, but the company is active with a wider range of entities (e.g., local institutions, third sector entities and even businesses) for the development of opportunities on the basis of planning and funding.

Local Global is open to partnerships and collaborations with counterparts working on research and consulting. Overall, Local Global can be connoted as a local enterprise that works in a customized and ‘tailor-made’ way on research, projects and consulting, valuing the relationship with the client.

Local Global working together to understand and design

The company has a high level of knowledge of the socio-economic fabric of the Tuscan territory and more generally operates in the local sphere on various issues, from development to the third sector and small businesses, also including initiatives for territorial animation and international projection of territories such as decentralized cooperation and participation of local entities in European calls for proposals.

An additional connotative element of Local Global’s work is the integration of the services offered linked or linkable within complex projects and pathways to change; e.g., Local Global has the ability to conduct applied research within all social disciplines, translate the results into advice, or derive policy, build projects, seek funding, and proceed with training and dissemination efforts.