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Local Global conducts applied research in the socio-economic field, using both quantitative tools and methods (e.g., polls/surveys of a certain size, preparation of statistical estimates, statistical and multivariate processing using data from its own and external sources, etc.) and qualitative tools (small qualitative and key-witness surveys and interviews, case studies, story telling, focus groups, and other participatory survey instruments, including remote).

The approaches and tools used by Local Global in research are varied, but two firm points characterize all of Local Global’s services in this area, namely:

Care in the ‘design’ and setting up of the research, so that it is effective and appropriate to the actual needs of the client (e.g., objectives, budget available, timeframe, often rapid, within which the work needs to be completed)

Enhancement of the research results, both in providing useful guidance to the client for strategies and interventions, and in the eventual communication and dissemination of the results to a wider audience, agreeing with the client on the production of various deliverables (extended reports, abstracts, summaries, press releases, presentations, etc.)

Consulting to funded projects and programs

Local Global vision strategies projects

In this area we place a broad set of services that the company performs that can be referred to the different stages of the project cycle.

First of all, Local Global offers a design service (construction / drafting / presentation of the project proposal), which also includes preliminary work on the identification of the call and the call, after assessing the actual chances of obtaining funding. The design service is offered to various types of entities, including institutions, businesses, and Third Sector entities.

For initiated and ongoing projects, the company provides support and accompanying services, such as management, coordination and reporting support, and also internal monitoring and evaluation, if these activities are required or provided for by the project itself.

The company also offers services to Public Institutions and Agencies that manage programs and/or provide funding/grants to third parties.

The support provided by Local Global consists of technical assistance and monitoring/evaluation, e.g., project appraisal, collection/analysis of project and financial data, preparation of reports on the progress of the program, funded projects and results/effects achieved. Again, services are located at various stages of the project or program cycle, ex ante, in itinere and ex post.